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The only thing that we can say got right is the domain name. Other than that, there is nothing going on for this site. It made it at number 2 of our scam cheating websites and for good reason. Simply put, Maritalaffair IS A SCAM. There is nothing good about this site, except of [...]

We have reviewed plenty of cheating websites in our time, but few come close to, and not in a good way. It literally has to be the worst cheating website that we have ever been on. There is nothing at all going for this site, and the bottom line is it is a complete [...]

As far as the domain name goes, has it. It sounds like a place you would find a hot woman for an affair. The problem is that it is not. It is a totally crap website and that is why we rated it "1 star out of 10". The ‘1’ we gave the site [...] got rated "2 stars out of 10" but frankly it wasn’t the worst cheating site we have ever been on. This does not by any chance mean that you should try it out yourself. It is expensive, and you will end up wasting your money. The features weren’t all that bad and we did [...] ranked at #3 of our WORST cheating sites, and ranked at 2/10 overall. There is good reason why this site ranked so low, but we will start with a few of the positives (you will discover later that this is not actually the case). First, we were honestly shocked at the number of hot [...]

To be fair, did make the best of the worst. All jokes aside, this is not a website you want to join. You will gain nothing, and there are definitely no hot women for you here. The reason why the site was rated a measly "3 stars out of 10" is because there is [...]

When it comes to, there is really nothing positive to write home about. The site proved to be everything you don’t want in a cheating website. The web design was poor; the women were ugly, and loads of fake profiles. Of course we didn’t realize any of this until we had paid for a [...]

Although was ranked third in the top three best cheating websites, it is by no means a bad site. It is actually a great website with plenty of hot women ready to hook up for a steamy affair. If you are seriously looking for hot women for an affair, AdultFriendFinder is the place to [...]

We love it when everything comes together in a cheating site, and this is exactly what happened with Starting from the attractive web design, the great features, the high quality of married women looking for affairs; everything about AffairsClub is just perfect. There is literally nothing bad you can say about this cheating site. [...]

For guys looking for a discreet affair with hot women in their area, is the place to be. This has to be the best site we have ever reviewed, and you will see why as we carry on. There are plenty of hot women here, and the great thing is that they are all [...]