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We TOTALLY recommend this cheating website for people who are looking to have an affair in the UK. is SECURE & DISCREET. This ranks in our Top 10 is: #3

Although was ranked third in the top three best cheating websites, it is by no means a bad site. It is actually a great website with plenty of hot women ready to hook up for a steamy affair. If you are seriously looking for hot women for an affair, AdultFriendFinder is the place to be. There are plenty of hot women in all major cities, and you are sure to find just the right ones for you in your area.

Adultfriendfinder scams

The emphasis on the site is on married people looking for hot, discreet affairs. The site has done well to push this agenda. The consensus here is “we are all looking to cheat without getting caught, so let’s get on with it! Reviewing Results

As usual, we were on this site for three months. We checked our results after this period to see how well we had done. We were actually pleasantly surprised, and this site is no doubt worthy of a place in our top sites list. The results are as below:

Emails Sent: 450
Replies Received: 300
Dates Set Up: 39
Dates Showed Up: 38
Full Closes: 20

Numbers don’t lie. This is definitely a great cheating site, and you are sure to get laid here.

Adultfriendfinder login We TOTALLY recommend this cheating website – Adultfriendfinder is ONE OF THE BEST sites in the United Kingdom – #3 in our Top List. Try it for free!

2 Emails That Worked Well On Adultfriendfinder

There were a couple of emails that got us the most responses on We will share these with you. It is always advisable to tweak the email so it fits the person you are sending it to for it to work.

Subject: I’m not that creative. I can’t come up with a single pick-up line

Message: I am sure you have heard it all. What I know you haven’t heard is that I have gone through your profile and I really like what I see. I’m also looking for a discreet affair, loads of great sex, and more importantly, someone that I can still connect with intellectually and physically. I’d love to move this to IM, it’ll be easier for us both, and more fun!

Subject: Ever had someone bang your intellect?

Message: I know we are all here looking to spice things up with a little bit of ‘side action’. I am looking for someone that excites my intellect as much as they excite me sexually. Yes; you read it right, I can bang your intellect. Let’s chat on IM and I’m sure we can have some unforgettable times together. Review: Get an Edge on AdultFriendFinder

It is actually quite simple. There are no top secret tips or voodoo to pull hot women from The main strategy here should be diversification. This means you should use all three of our top cheating websites at the same time. This is the best chance you will get for getting a variety of hot women to sleep with. You will always have a weekend plan with this strategy. Use and in addition to AdultFriendFinder and you will be happy with the result.

The other tip is to use our cheating guide. Everything you would need to know about cheating safely and finding hot women can be found here. You will be equipped with complete strategies to get you ahead of the game, and have you sleeping with the hottest women. Pitfalls: What We Didn’t Like About Adultfriendfinder

No cheating site is perfect. We did meet a stalker on that actually scared us. Once we stopped talking to her, she sent us threats and it was all very creepy. This was soon sorted out once we figured out how to delete her profile. Other than the one stalker, the other girls were hot, friendly and serious about getting into bed with us. Overall, it was a great experience. Review: Our Final Recommendation is no doubt among the best cheating sites that there is out there. Your best strategy should be to use all the top three cheating sites at the same time. You will get all the hot women you have ever wanted, and have a safe and exciting affair. Also check out our cheating guide to equip you with all you need for a successful affair.

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