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On 30 April 2013
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This cheating website IS REALLY BAD in the United Kingdom. No women were serious for having an affair. We WASTED our money for nothing. DON'T TRY We recommend you to use one of our top 3 best UK cheating site. got rated “2 stars out of 10” but frankly it wasn’t the worst cheating site we have ever been on. This does not by any chance mean that you should try it out yourself. It is expensive, and you will end up wasting your money. The features weren’t all that bad and we did see a few profiles that were real. At the end of the day, getting laid is what matters and it did not happen. For this reason, Gleeden is a scam.

Gleeden scams

It is easy to see why you might be reeled in by the site. There are plenty of pictures of hot women, and you do honestly think you have a shot at getting laid. Most of the hot women are fake however, and there is no way you are going to get laid here. It will be a waste after getting your hopes up. Like with any other scam cheating website, you will not realize that it is a hoax until it is too late and you have paid for your subscription.

Results from Review of Our Results after 3 Months

As you might have gathered by now, we did not get laid on We followed all the tips and tactics on our cheating guide but came up empty at the end of it all. For this reason, we conclude that this is a scam that you are best staying away from. If you have any hopes of getting laid, you can be sure that it won’t be on Gleeden.

Gleeden login You should AVOID USING this cheating website – Gleeden IS NOT good in the United Kingdom – This ranks is #7 in our Best UK Cheating Sites.

We even took the time to send out 5 messages daily but the result wasn’t satisfactory. The few replies that we got were from women that are either ugly or not serious about hooking up. All in all, it was a very disappointing experience.

Why Is a Not Worth Joining (Is It A Scam?)

When all is said and done, the reality is that IS A SCAM. It is a website that you should avoid, and you are sure you will not find any hot girls willing to go to bed with you. On the plus side, there are quite a few fat ugly women that can’t wait to get down with the first guy that contacts them. If that’s your kind of party, then Gleeden is for you. If not, check out the top three cheating sites for a better chance at finding hot women for affairs.

The few hot women that are on Gleeden have serious attitude problems. They figure any guy that contacts them must be a perverted loser, and don’t reply at all or are rude in their reply. This is a sharp contrast to for example where there are plenty of hot, classy, intelligent women that are more than willing to go to bed with a guy they like.

There are also loads of time wasters here. These are housewives that get on cheating sites with no intention of actually meeting up for sex. They are simply there to get a little excitement outside the marriage and will disappear at the first suggestion of meeting up. Review: Conclusion

As we have mentioned here, is a scam cheating website. Do yourself a favour and look at the top three cheating sites. When you use the three together, you are guaranteed plenty of sex with hot women, and you don’t even have to try that hard. Also check out our cheating guide pages. These offer great advice on how to have a safe affair, and how to score the hottest girls on cheating websites, in the shortest amount of time. All else aside, Gleeden simply does not cut it.

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