Fling.com Review: Why It Didn’t Make the “Best of UK”

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On 30 April 2013
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This cheating website IS REALLY BAD in the United Kingdom. No women were serious for having an affair. We WASTED our money for nothing. DON'T TRY Fling.com. We recommend you to use one of our top 3 best UK cheating site.

Fling.com ranked at #3 of our WORST cheating sites, and ranked at 2/10 overall. There is good reason why this site ranked so low, but we will start with a few of the positives (you will discover later that this is not actually the case). First, we were honestly shocked at the number of hot women willing to get down on this site. We honestly thought that we had found the best cheating site out there going by the number of hot women that we spotted.

Fling scams

Our excitement was short lived as soon as we paid for the subscription for Fling. We ended up getting very disappointed. The ‘hot’ women that we had spotted earlier turned out to be fake profiles. We decided to cut our losses and continue with the site, since there were still a few hot and real girls that we had spotted. More on that later, but the bottom line is that this also turned out to be another dead end.

Results from Fling.com: Review of Our Results after 3 Months

We always take three months to review any of our cheating websites, and painstakingly send 5 emails every day. After sending 450 emails at the end of the review process, we check how many replies we got, how many dates we set up and how many full closes (sex) we had. We actually got an impressive number of replies on Fling.com considering it is a scam website, but again, the joy was short lived.

Fling login You should AVOID USING this cheating website – Fling IS NOT good in the United Kingdom – This ranks as #6 in our Best UK Cheating Sites.

Most of the responses were from fake profiles. The few that were from real profiles turned out to be too ugly to even talk to, and most weren’t even from our area to begin with. Long story short, we did not get laid on Fling, and NEITHER WILL YOU.

Why Fling.com Is a Not Worth Joining (Is It a Scam?)

Fling.com IS DEFINITELY A SCAM. Some of the real hot girls we had spotted that we mentioned earlier turned out to be from a completely different geographical area. This is despite specifying that we were looking for women for affairs from our area. The search engine is obviously on crack, but there is more.

We did find three girls from our area; they turned out to be nice enough and actually pretty hot. The story for all three was the same however; none was willing to actually hook up. This comes as no surprise. Fling is filled with creeps and perverts, so even genuine guys like you get bundled into that category no matter what you do. Fling was a real rollercoaster. Just when we thought we had a hit it turned out to be a dead end. We do have to thank them from the free ride though; we are not complete thankless assholes.

Fling.com Review: Conclusion

At the end of the day, Fling.com IS NOT WORTH YOUR TIME. From the outside, it does look like a genuine fling website. Once you sign up and pay the subscription however is when things start to go wrong. This is obviously a scam to take your money.

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