Lovinglinks.co.uk Review: Why it didn’t make The “Best of UK”

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On 30 April 2013
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This cheating website IS REALLY BAD in the United Kingdom. No women were serious for having an affair. We WASTED our money for nothing. DON'T TRY Lovinglinks.co.uk. We recommend you to use one of our top 3 best UK cheating site.

We have reviewed plenty of cheating websites in our time, but few come close to Lovinglinks.co.uk, and not in a good way. It literally has to be the worst cheating website that we have ever been on. There is nothing at all going for this site, and the bottom line is it is a complete waste of time and money. It claims to be the best cheating website out there, but nothing could be further from the truth. Overall, we ranked the website at “1 star out of 10”, and for good reason.

LovingLinks scams

The ration of men to women leaves a lot to be desired. There are way too many men on this site for you to have any real chance of getting laid. The worst part is that these guys are all perverts, and you will notice this by the response you get from the women you approach. They are rude and apprehensive, a sure sign that there are a hundred other guys that have spoiled things for you. For a genuine guy like you looking for an affair with a hot woman, Lovinglinks is not the place for you.

Results from Lovinglinks.co.uk: Review of Our Results after 3 Months

We were not able to set up any dates on this site, let alone get laid. This is after sending 450 emails in the 3 month period that we were on the cheating site. We took the time to fill the profile in detail, upload nice photos and pull all the stops outlined in the cheating guide. If this were a real cheating site like EroticAffairs.com, these tactics would have worked.

LovingLinks login You should AVOID USING this cheating website – LovingLinks IS NOT good in the United Kingdom – This ranks as #10 in our Best UK Cheating Sites.

On Lovinglinks.co.uk on the other hand, it was a completely different story. The women here are not serious about meeting up for casual sex. We would have been better off if we had spent the money on something else. THERE IS NO WAY YOU ARE GETTING LAID ON THIS SITE. Lovinglinks is a complete hoax.

Why Lovinglinks.co.uk Is a Not Worth Joining (Is It a Scam?)

Lovinglinks.co.uk is a total scam; make no mistake about that. The number of guys on this site is just ridiculous compared to the women. You would be forgiven for thinking it’s a gay affairs site. There are very few women that you stand only a small chance of actually meeting someone to talk to in the first place. It took us a long time to even get a single reply.

Another thing we took issue with was the quality of women. We have never seen so many ugly women in one place. Even with the off chance of getting laid, there is no way we were going to meet any of these women. Not that any of them offered anyway.

It might sound like a site bashing campaign, but this is an honest review of what we experienced. There were also a few hot women but these turned out to be dead ends. They were rarely online, and honestly feel too good to be on the site. To be honest, they probably are.

Lovinglinks.co.uk Review: Conclusion

Lovinglinks.co.uk is a scam cheating site and there is really nothing good about it. If you want to get laid; EroticAffairs.com is a great choice. It is actually the best cheating website out there, and you are sure you are going to get some hot girls to bang here.

Check out the top three cheating websites to find out the other two sites that guarantee that you find hot women for affairs. Lovinglinks will not help anything when it comes to getting laid. You will have wasted valuable time and hard earned money. Take it from us; we had to endure what is probably the worst cheating site in the history of cheating sites.


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