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On 27 April 2013
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We TOTALLY recommend this cheating website for people who are looking to have an affair in the UK. is SECURE & DISCREET. This ranks in our Top 10 is: #2

We love it when everything comes together in a cheating site, and this is exactly what happened with Starting from the attractive web design, the great features, the high quality of married women looking for affairs; everything about AffairsClub is just perfect. There is literally nothing bad you can say about this cheating site. Anything you would expect from a top-notch cheating site is here.

AffairsClub scams

With AffairsClub, there are guarantees. If you follow our cheating guide to the letter, then you are assured tons of hot women for an affair, and within the first three months of being on the site. Reviewing Results from AffairsClub

We spent three months on the cheating site, and we were genuinely sad when our time came to an end. We were able to pull tons of hot women from the site using our cheating guide tactics. We started by sending 5 emails each day. At the end of three months, we had 450 emails. Below are the results;

  • Emails Sent: 450
  • Replies Received: 300
  • Dates Set Up: 40
  • Dates Showed Up: 30
  • Full Closes: 22

The results here are clear, with AffairsClub, you are guaranteed to get laid, and there is no doubt about it.

AffairsClub login We TOTALLY recommend this cheating website – AffairsClub is ONE OF THE BEST sites in the United Kingdom – #2 in our Top List. Try it for free!

2 First Emails That Worked Well On

There were a couple of emails that we found worked great in getting responses from hot women on Below are two examples.

Subject: Why will no one respond to this cute guy??

Message: I just wanted to get your attention there. Actually, you are among the first people I have contacted. I was really interested in your profile, looks like we are both into basketball. Maybe we can IM later and I can tell you why your team sucks? We will have plenty of time for sex later.

Subject: These guys have no idea how to talk to a lady

Message: Telling you about my penis size and how I can bend you over (and I can in case you are wondering) is too mainstream. Let me try being a little different and say that I like what I saw on your profile. Why don’t you chat with a guy that knows how to treat a classy lady such as yourself? My IM is (insert IM). I’ll be waiting to hear from you. Review: Get an Edge on AffairsClub doesn’t require any top secret tips on how to pull women from the site. All the tips and tactics outlined on the cheating guide will work here. A word of advice, contact as many women as possible. Ideally, you should send 5 emails every day to different women. Be sure to customize each message. This strategy will definitely give you an edge over the competition on AffairsClub. Pitfalls: What We Didn’t Like About AffairsClub

The only thing that we can say we didn’t like too much about was the membership fees. There are plenty of cheaper cheating sites out there. After a little research we reconciled with this fact. Considering this is a legitimate cheating site and you are guaranteed to get laid, we did not mind too much about the cost in the long run. The cheaper options also turned out to be cheating scams. The point is although it is a little pricy, we thought AffairsClub to be well worth the cost. Review: Our Final Recommendation

At the end of it turned out to be a great cheating website. We were extremely happy with what we got at the end of the day. It was great value for money, and we ended up getting plenty of hot women to sleep with. The affair was also discreet and we never got caught, which is a major plus. If you use this site coupled with and, you will have the affair experience that you have always hoped for.

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