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We TOTALLY recommend this cheating website for people who are looking to have an affair in the UK. is SECURE & DISCREET. This ranks in our Top 10 is: #1

For guys looking for a discreet affair with hot women in their area, is the place to be. This has to be the best site we have ever reviewed, and you will see why as we carry on. There are plenty of hot women here, and the great thing is that they are all genuinely looking to find a great guy for casual sex encounters. No one here is about to leave their spouse, it’s all fun and sex outside of the marriage. This obviously worked great for us, and will do for you too!

EroticAffairs scams

The site is also very professionally done, and with a number of different and discreet payment methods, you are sure you are not going to get caught cheating. All the women here also understand that you are not looking for a second girlfriend or wife, and are more than willing to put out without any emotional baggage. All in all, it is a great site to be on with intelligent, classy, funny and more importantly hot women! Reviewing Results from EroticAffairs

When reviewing any cheating site, we make a point of sending 5 emails every day. At the end of three months, we had sent out 450 emails, and the results were exactly what we had hoped for. This is a real cheating dating website, and YOU WILL GET LAID ON THIS SITE. Simply put, we got more than 350 responses, which is no doubt a great number. At the end of three months, we had set up 32 dates.

At the end of our time on, we had slept with 24 women! It was a great experience and we were sad that our time was up. Worth noting is that we weren’t able to show up for all the dates, and we did have to ignore some women because of time constraints. All in all, the numbers speak for themselves.

EroticAffairs login We TOTALLY recommend this cheating website – EroticAffairs is ONE OF THE BEST sites in the United Kingdom – #1 in our Top List. Try it for free!

2 First Emails That Worked Well on

As you would have already learned from our cheating guide pages, the first email sent to women has a lot to do with your overall chances of getting laid. In fact, about 75% of your chance of getting any woman into bed lays (no pun intended) in that first email. Below are two emails that worked great for us.

Subject: Most likely not what you are looking for!

Message: I told you I’m not what you are looking for! Jokes aside, I loved your profile and pictures. I’m looking for good sex (like everyone else here) but with a little more to it than simply quick hotel sex. I love to connect intellectually as much as sexually. Forget what I said earlier, contact me and I’m sure we’ll be great together.

Subject: No dick-picks. Do not open!

Message: I’m sure you have seen enough penises for today so I’ll give you something different. I am really attracted to your profile, and I’m sure I’ll be into you in person as well. Maybe we could IM later tonight and you could find out why I’m not a pervert? Review: Get an Edge on EroticAffairs

The best way to get an edge on is to be active online as much as possible. Members on this site are ranked according to their level of activity on the site. If you want to appear high on the search results where women can find you easily, this is what you will have to do. There are no special tricks or tactics. It’s as simple as login in every day, even for five minutes. Also keep your content fresh by changing up your profile once in a while. Nothing too drastic, simply changing one or two phrases here and there every two days or so. Pitfalls: What We Didn’t Like About EroticAffairs

You will have to work hard on this site if you are going to get hot women for an affair. It’s not as simple as logging on and having tons of women tripping over each other to contact you. You have to put in the time and effort to find the girls that you want for an affair. The upside is that we have a cheating guide to take you through every step of the process. Review: Our Final Recommendation

We had a real pleasure reviewing, and we will definitely stay on the site (for additional research purposes of course). It is a great website that you are going to love. It is no doubt the best cheating website there is, and we have ranked it 9/10. You can be sure that you don’t have a better chance of getting laid anywhere else except on this site. EroticAffairs, our cheating guide and our #2 and #3 sites used together will guarantee you more women than you have ever dreamed of in your life.

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