#5 Conversation Tips: What To Say To Hook Up With A Cheating Partner

It might sound like a cliché but it is very true that you only get one chance to make a good impression. This applies to our top three casual dating sites. You need to think carefully about how you approach women and what your first impression you are going to create.

Conversation tips - what to say to womenLearn what to say to get cheating partners

Cheating websites work very differently from dating websites. You need to up your game. There is no time to ‘get to know each other’ before hooking up. Talking just a little about yourself will do just to get familiar with the girls you have been eyeing. There are plenty more guys out there contacting the girls you are chatting with, so you have to be aggressive and come off strong without being perverted or a total asshole.

What you need to achieve in your first email

Your first priority with the first email that you send out is to get her to take notice, and more importantly, reply to your message. About 80% of your chances of getting a hot woman for an affair lie in that first email. It needs to be effective and get her to like you from the get go. It is also a little different from a long term relationship kind of message and this is an important not to keep in mind.

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You not only want her to respond, but also respond in a positive way. Being a total douche-bag will not help, you want her to reply immediately, and show some interest in what you are about. Next, you want your email to create rapport to ask for her number or IM.

Not all girls will reply to your emails, but this is nothing to worry about if you are signed up to all three top cheating websites. It’s all about playing the numbers, and the more women you contact, the better your chances of meeting someone for an affair. After sending the first few emails, you should be confident enough to know what women want and how to hook them on the first message.

First email tips

The subject is very important. It should be interesting and make her want to actually open your email and see what you have to say.

The introduction should also be interesting and straight to the point. It should also want her to read more. Get her interested from the very first sentence.

Make her want to respond you your email. Usually a question at the end of the email should do the trick.

  • Keep it clean. She will have plenty of time to see your penis and all the sex positions you can pull off. For now, keep it clean but to the point.
  • Avoid talking about problems with your wife or what is driving you to cheat. She has problems of her own and frankly, you could both do without the drama. Don’t tell unless she asks, and even then, keep it understated. Bad mouthing your wife will not open her legs any faster.
  • Add a little humor. Make her smile and want to get to know you a little better. Also be polite.
  • Keep the email just the right length. If it’s too long, she will not read to the end. If it’s too short, she will figure that you have sent the same email to dozens of other women, and therefore there is nothing special about her.
  • Don’t get into details about your personal life. You are not looking for a committed relationship, and she doesn’t care about your new dog or your how much of an asshole your boss is.
  • Avoid cheesy pickup lines and clichés. These will not work; they never have and never will.
  • Customize the emails to the women you are sending them to. Mention something from her profile to show that you have taken the time to read her profile and that you are really interested in her.
  • Keep it fresh and original. Be yourself, or in this case, the online persona that you have created for yourself. just be sure that you can execute it correctly

Sample emails that work

Subject: I give up! 99 emails down and no replies!

Message: Now that I have your attention, your actually one of the few girls I’ve contacted. Your profile really impressed me, and it looks like we have a lot in common. If you are looking for no-strings-attached sex with a great guy that is still down for a nice evening of drinks and great conversation, then I’m your guy. We could chat on IM and I’m sure we’ll hit it off; what’s your address?

Subject: It’s weird being the only guy not posing pictures of his junk!

Message: After all the dick-picks you have had to see, I’m sure it’s refreshing seeing something different for once. I do apologize for my fellow male species. Forget that, it’s great that they are giving me a shot with a classy woman such as yourself. That aside, I’m really interested in your profile. I’m looking for sex (aren’t we all) but with a little extra. I’m a great conversationalist and enjoy being out with classy women. Maybe we could take this to IM so you can see what I’m all about. How about tonight?

Why these emails work

These emails work because they are clean, polite but still straight to the point. There is also some humor in there, as well as making reference to women’s profiles. It shows that you have taken the trouble to find out what she is about before contacting her.

Most women will want to reply to these emails. They are interesting enough, and still show some class and real interest in hooking up for sex. These are just examples. If you cannot come up with your own, you can use these for ideas, just be sure to personalize the messages.