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best cheating tips & strategyThe Best Strategy: Cheating is a Numbers Game

As with any other kind of online dating, the best cheating advice that you can get is to diversify. There are the top three cheating websites that have been highlighted on our cheating dating site reviews that you should use together to guarantee your chances of finding a cheating partner. If you use this strategy, you are assured to find a cheating partner in the shortest time possible.

This is a strategy that has been used in many areas of life and is very effective, even for cheating websites UK. Even in finance, diversifying your portfolio is the best chance you have at making good money. As applied to dating, you will be increasing your chances of finding a hot cheating partner for your steamy affair, and cheat without getting caught.

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Women Are Unpredictable

The reason for this is that women are unpredictable. You might be chatting up a hot woman and she soon changes her mind. She might chicken out of actually going through with the affair or make amends with her husband. After investing weeks of your time on her, you will be back to square one having wasted your time and money. To avoid this from happening to you, you should use all of the top three cheating websites in the UK together. This way, when one women backs out, you always have a plan B.

It is also advisable to talk to many women at once. The point of cheating without getting caught is having your options open. You are not looking for another wife or a girlfriend on the side. It is simply hooking up for casual sex with married partners. There are no limits to the number of women you can sleep with. It’s about having a great time and making the best out of what you have. The diversification strategy lets you do just that, and the best part is that it is safe cheating.

Cheat Without Getting Caught

It is not enough to sign up to our top three cheating websites. You also need to protect yourself to avoid getting caught. The best way you can guarantee this is by reading our cheating guide. This will tell you what to do to cheat without getting caught. There are plenty of private investigators on the prowl online and if you are not careful, you could get busted. All the information is there for you, so you are sure that you WON’T GET CAUGHT but only if you use this information.

Cheating is a Numbers Game

Remember also that cheating is a numbers game. You are not the only one looking for a cheating partner online. The women you are talking to are probably getting propositioned by hundreds of other guys. If you rely on one that has shown interest in you; that will be setting yourself up for failure. She might choose another guy that she finds more attractive or more interesting. To beat the system and find a cheating partner online, your best bet is to diversify and sign up to multiple cheating sites at once.

Choose the Right Cheating Dating Sites

Even with this strategy, you still need to be careful. For example, the cheating dating sites that you choose should have less than 60% male members. Anything more will make it very difficult to get what you want. The site should also have plenty of hot women in your area that are active online, and looking for a cheating partner. Most importantly, your cheating partner should understand from the get go that you are getting into a no-strings-attached arrangement. There shouldn’t be any emotions or talk of leaving your partners.

The top three websites for cheating in the UK are:,, and

If you use these websites together, you are guaranteed to get laid soon, and find the cheating partner of your dreams in the UK.